Monday, March 3, 2014

These Guys. These... PianoGuys

Today I had the urge to listen to some classic music. Not classical music, per se, just classic music, music I'll never forget.

 The theme to Jurassic Park, say.

From there I went for the 007 Theme.

And then I searched for the theme for Mission Impossible.

But what do my eyes behold when I pop those search terms into YouTube?

Holy shit, I recognize that channel name! I watched a video from those guys years ago; one of the first videos they uploaded in fact.

Amazing. And yet, that was the only video I watched of theirs.

I believe I found a link to the video from a site called "I Am Bored" or some such. It was like an early version of Digg or Reddit, you know, aggregated links from all over the web, viral videos, interesting websi- whatever. The point is I never used my Youtube account to subscribe to their channel (it was still just a YouTube account at the time, Google hadn't bought 'em yet) and I lost sight of them. UNTIL NOW. I watched that video, I felt super happy they were still actively uploading videos and making music and all that was before I saw what they'd uploaded EVEN MORE RECENTLY.

Fuck. Yes.

Remedied my past failure. Made sure to click that Subscribe button this time. (^_^)7

You know what? All of these tracks actually ended up being classical instrumental music after all. Classical music just speaks to the soul. No words, just emotion. Lovely. \(o^_____^o)/