Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Still Listening to That Song

So that list from yesterday's post only included songs I could find in good quality. Here's a list I created of languages I did not acquire the song in. Usually, it's because the video under scrutiny was of poor quality because the movie hasn't come out on DVD in that particular language's country.

The format is Artist - Title (Language)

And, of course, these are all in-movie versions, not the credits pop version.

Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir - Þetta Er Nóg (Icelandic)
Hanna-Liina Võsa - Olgu nii (Estonian)
Katja Sirkiä - Taakse jää (Finnish)
Mona Moore - לעזוב  (Hebrew)
Марія Яремчук  (Mariya Yaremchuk) - Все одно (Ukrainian)
Takako Matsu - Let It Go~Ari no Mama de (Japanese)
Girmantė Vaitkutė - Tebūnie (Lithuanian)
Marsha Milan Londoh - Bebaskan (Malaysian)
Hyena Park - 다 잊어 (Korean)
Dalma Kovacs - S-a întâmplat (Romanian)
姚贝娜 (Yao Beina) - 随它吧 (Mainland Mandarin)
林芯儀 (Lin Hsin-i) - 放開手,讓它走 (Taiwanese Mandarin)
Begüm Günceler - Aldırma (Turkish)
Ana Margarida Encarnação - Já passou (Portuguese)
Nuška Drašček Rojko - Zaživim (Slovene)
Jelena Gavrilović - Сад је крај (Serbian)
Σία Κοσκινά (Sia Koskina) - Και ξεχνώ (Greek)
Andrea Somorovská - Von To Dám (Slovak)
Niki Füredi - Legyen hó (Hungarian)
白珍寶 (Jobelle Ubalde) - 冰心鎖 (Cantonese)
Надежда Панайотова (Nadejda Panaiotova) - Слагам край (Bulgarian)
Monika Absolonová - Najednou (Czech)
Nataša Mirković - Puštam Sve (Croatian)
 ??? -??? (Catalan)*
 ????????(Canadian French)**
*These last two are full of question marks because I know they exist but I haven't been able to find any leads on artist name or song title.
**I take it back, I'm not sure this one exists. The only video of this version I could find was identical to the French version, but I have heard they are supposed to have different lyrics, so I don't know who is wrong here. In addition, the official 25 language mash-up I embedded last post also makes a distinction between French and Canadian French but both segments sound like they came from what I know as the French version.

Look at how long this list is! And imagine, there might be more that will crop up!

The wiki article on this song has a section on the different versions but for some reason it is not exhaustive. I know more exist because I've listened to them, albeit in low quality. At the moment Slovak, Hungarian, Catalan, and Canadian French are missing.

So anyway, although I harbour a faint hope that Disney will actually release some kind of "Let It Go - International Album", I must look to other means. Does anyone know if you can buy foreign songs on iTunes? Can I browse for the Russian soundtrack for Frozen?