Thursday, January 30, 2014

Disney Movies - Pinocchio [1940]

Actually, that soundtrack tape I thought I had for Snow White? I think it was actually some kind of Disney Song Collection instead because now I remember listening to "When You Wish Upon a Star" on that tape along with songs from the other Disney movies.

What I do remember properly is that I never watched Pinocchio. Having seen it I must say I didn't know Jiminy Cricket had such a large role in the story. Through pop culture osmosis I know he embodies Pinocchio's conscience but I'd always imagined he played a sort of angel-on-the-shoulder type of role while the story focused on Pinocchio himself. Instead the story's as much about him as it is on Pinocchio.

Speaking of Jiminy, if it wasn't in his name he really doesn't resemble a cricket in any way, does he?

After the movie ended my first thought was, "Wonder what's going to happen to the rest of those donkey boys." The Coachman's operation remains intact as far as we know. My second thought was, "Is it just me or does the dénouement phase of these early movies seem really short?"

Next up: Fantasia [1940]. I'm not gonna lie, I think this Disney/Pixar watching thing is going to morph into a full-blown "animated movies" thing. I never saw Titan A.E. [2000], a Fox Animation Studios film. When I saw the trailers as a kid I thought it would suck. Now I hafta know if I was right.