Sunday, July 29, 2012

NBC Commentators

The NBC television network secured the rights to broadcasting the XXX Olympic games here in the United States. 
And it sucks ass, man.
They never shut up. It's like they believe they aren't doing their jobs unless they constantly talk. Throughout the women's Team Archery medal events they babbled incessantly.
South Korea (ROK) faced off against China (PRC) in the gold medal match. Russia dueled the Japanese for bronze.
My biggest problem was that they kept making comments with insulting undertones. Or maybe I'm just touched in the brain. (%___)

Whether they were commenting from the Chinese point of view or the Japanese, they made it sound like both teams were shaken by the other.
When a Korean was taking aim: "The Chinese are keeping up the pressure. She must feel the weight of possibility that, for the first time in history, the Koreans might not walk away with the gold medal in this event."
When a Chinese is up: "The Koreans have never lost a gold medal match in this event. The mental battle that must be taking place has got to affect her performance."
And when anyone made a bad shot the commentators jumped on it as proof of their drivel. When the competitors shot true, they showed little to no excitement. When one of the Koreans hit a dead center fucking bulls-eye even, they didn't mention it at all. Fucking faggots.

Am I being unreasonable here? It is just me?