Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dun Goofed

So I'm basically a full month behind on posts now. Maybe I should do a challenge type thing?

In other news, the XXX Summer Olympic Games have started. I'm waiting in anticipation for the taekwondo events that start on the 8th of August. Two weeks away, man! /(>~<)\

In other news, I dunno about the commentators/announcers where you are but American cunts can't pronounce non-European foreign names worth shit. That's disrespect. Unintentional, maybe, but it's there. If you're going to send someone to cover an international event pick someone with some multicultural experience, not that faggot good ol' boy.

Also, curiously, the U.S. Olympic Team shop has a category for "USA Karate". (It contains a single T-shirt.)

But guess what?

Karate is not a sanctioned Olympic sport...

Aaaand guess what ISN'T listed? Taekwondo. But if you search for 'taekwondo' products you do get results.

I think you could say that someone dun goofed.