Monday, November 17, 2014


So it's been about three years since my university days... Let's ruminate on that for a moment. (╯ヮ╰)
If I were inclined to be trite I could throw in some platitudes right now, e.g. "Seems like only yesterday", "Man, time flies", "Feels like so long ago", etc. And those don't all express the same sentiments either. Viewed to scale, three years of lifetime isn't long at all. Then again, 3 years is 12% of the total lifetime I've lived so far.

<(ㅎㅎ___ )> mmmm.... You know what this means?

Nuthin', really. The measurement of time is pretty objective for everyone but the sensation of its passing is subjective and inconsistent. Some days I feel the intervening three years have been moderately long but at other times it seems like an appropriately "3 years" period of time. And other times it feels like it's passed pretty quick.


Anyhoo, in two months I will have paid back my students loans in full. ha-HAA!! This has been my Primary Quest for three years and it's coming time to turn in for reward. At that point I will be completely free of debt. \(^ワ^)/
Hmmm, maybe a quiet smugness would be more suitable.

<(o ̄◡ ̄o)>

"So the milestone is two months away," you ask? I suppose so, but I put that stone down right here anyway. Or maybe I hurl it the last few yards to the mile point, ok? Whatever, the point is I am not carrying the heavy stone anymore. Why? Well, the explanation is not complicated but it isn't simple and some might say it's complex (not the same thing). Basically, the medium through which I pay back the loans is bottlenecked so that I can only pay a certain amount per month. As of this posting I already have enough to repay the remainder of my outstanding balance but I am unable to actually apply it all at once. (= = 。)=3

Still confused? Imagine that I have a revolver named Bank Account with bullets named Funds and I'm slaying a horrible monster named Student Debt. I've been shooting it steadily for three years and just 2 more shots will kill it. I have the last two bullets chambered already but it takes about a month for the cylinder to rotate, meaning I can only shoot once a month. So at the moment I am stuck waiting to fire twice more, once in December and one final time in January. (Obviously, I've already fired the shot for this month.)

Three years to go from red to black. In that context, I feel like it really hasn't been very long at all. That's a good thing! And so, even though the monster is not quite vanquished yet, I now have the freedom to make plans for what to do with the Skill Points I'll get from leveling up following this Quest.

More on that tomorrow.