Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Great Success

Before I started writing this post I went looking through my own blog for a previous piece (I thought) I'd published about how knowledge of another language conveyed Bonus Points to your Google-fu when looking for stuff on the internet. Then I realized I haven't made any such post here, it was an answer I'd submitted on Quora.

A decade ago I watched a trailer for an anime called "Dai-guard: Terrestrial Defense Corp.". I never got around to watching the anime itself, still haven't, but I instantly loved the music in the trailer. Turns out they just used the opening sequence for the trailer, so this song is actually the opening theme song as well.

Well, I'd never been able to find a high quality version of the full song. I could only find either good TV sized ones or crappy quality full length ones. Until now. With my post-uni Japanese experience I tried again today and found it forthwith. And my Japanese is admittedly rudimentary, too.

I'll upload it to YouTube eventually, but for now here's a high quality full length mp3 file of the song I'll share with you. Enjoy the fruits of my labour.